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January 19 2020

Ireland Plans to Plant 440 Million Trees By 2040 to Fight Climate Change
Soon You’ll Be Able to Build Your Own Baby Yoda at Build-A-Bear

January 18 2020

Before and After: Tiny Tweaks Give This Kitchen Major Cheer

YouTube Will Double Its Original Programming in 2020, Focusing on Documentaries

Last May, YouTube made a major shift to its original programming strategy, putting all of its original shows free in front of its paywall and streaming them with advertising--a movie that was inspired by an Adweek cover story on Cobra Kai, YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl said last May. Less than a year later,...
How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?
8 Must-Do Projects for an Organized Laundry Room

Lazy weekend poll ~ stepping back from the edge, episode 8

Crater Lake

Our eighth annual ‘stepping back’ poll: can this group of shameless enablers help each other not buy perfume? Let’s find out.

Name a perfume you’ve been itching to buy but suspect you might not need, and tell us why you think it might not really be a good use of your money. Maybe everyone will talk you out of it. Or, maybe not so much.

If you participated in this poll last year, tell us if you ended up buying the fragrance anyway…

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Yves Rocher Bois de Sauge ~ new fragrance

Yves Rocher has launched Bois de Sauge, a new fragrance for men. Bois de Sauge was inspired by the ‘desire to withdraw from the urban jungle into the seclusion of pristine nature’…

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The (almost) daily lemming

The latest collector bottles from Jean Paul Gaultier: Classique Pin-Up (100 ml) and Le Male Aviator (125 ml), both available now at Sephora in France.

20 Rooms That Make French Country Decor Feel Fresh and New

Escentric Molecules Molecule 05 & Escentric 05 ~ new fragrances

Niche line Escentric Molecules line will launch their fifth fragrance duo. Molecule 05 and Escentric 05 focus on Cashmeran; both fragrances were developed by perfumer and brand founder Geza Schoen

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Squishy Flesh Suits Quilted by Textile Artist Daisy Collingridge

“Clive a portrait” (2019). All images © Daisy Collingridge, used with permission

London-based artist Daisy Collingridge layers amorphous blobs of fabric and textiles to form wearable pastel-colored body suits. With names like Burt, Clive, and Lippy, each member of Collingridge’s family has a personality that matches his/her form. Inspired by human anatomy and infused with elements of fantasy and impulse, the artist says that the costumes are an exercise in “pushing quilting to the absolute extreme.”

Each new character begins with the construction of the head. Hand-dyed jersey and other fabric patterns are filled with plastic pellets (beans) and sewn together to form blobs in various shapes and sizes. After the underlying body structure has been formed, Collingridge begins the process of hand-stitching the blobs to the wadding. She tells Colossal that she has never clocked the process but would estimate that it takes around two months on average. The “Dave” suit is named for and modeled by her father who requested it. The others are named (“like children”) by, worn by, and photographed by the artist herself using a remote.

Progress shot

After graduating with a degree in fashion design from Central Saint Martins, Collingridge created her first costume in 2016 for the New Zealand-based design competition, World of Wearable Art. “The squishy idea definitely came from my graduate collection, which was all free machine quilted, but all done with really fat wadding,” she told Dazed Digital. “It wasn’t really your traditional patchwork quilt.”

Some have read Collingridge’s costumes as a commentary on body image and body ideals. “It’s really fascinating because as much as I can tell people what they mean or why I make these costumes, everyone comes at it with such a different view,” she told Dazed. “They are reflective of the human form with elements of fantasy. They neither promote or demote one body type. The idea there is an ‘ideal body’ is ridiculous. We are all so different, my work is more about the ‘ideal’ way to inhabit a body. To be joyous. They bring me joy to create and I hope that is reflected.”

Collingridge tells Colossal that her “Clive” costume is currently on tour as a part of 62 Group’s Ctrl/Shift exhibition, while the rest are at her human family’s home. “My dad unpacked Dave, who has been sitting in the living room over the festive period. He was even treated some Christmas lights.” To see the artist create and model the squishy bodies, follow her on Instagram.

“Burt lunge” (2018)

“Clive Feels Like” (2018)

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Hillary” (2019)

“Dave a portrait” (2019)

“Dave on his bed” (2019)

Progress shot

Reposted byGabreiila Gabreiila

The freebiemeet, episode 16


The freebiemeet is open! PLEASE read the instructions, even if you’ve read them before! Really, pretty please, with sugar on top! There’s not even that many of them, and you will save us all so much time and confusion. This is not that hard. Plus, it’s free stuff! It’s all good, but it’s even better if you read the instructions. If you have any questions, please post them here.

For people who would like to chat in addition to, or instead of, giving and getting free stuff, there will be a poll along shortly…

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The Real Difference Between a Living Room and a Family Room, According to Design Experts
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FYI, Your New Rental Isn’t As Clean As You Think It Is
A Collector's Colorful Queens Apartment Is Inspired by Hip Hop Culture
This Weekend is a Great Time to Buy a Rug—And We Know All the Places to Shop for a Deal
This boutique feels like an M C Escher drawing - gone pink
Get Nautical With This Art Piece on Bazaar
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