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May 30 2017

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May 20 2017

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May 17 2017

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Concept design for a 65 sqm apartment in Minsk, Belarus by Eugene Varkovich

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May 08 2017

A Mirrored Golden Egg Sauna is Hatched in Sweden

All photos by Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Architects Bigert & Bergstrom recently unveiled Solar Egg, an egg-shaped wood-burning sauna that can seat up to 8 people. The project is part of an urban redevelopment effort lead by developer Riksbyggen in the northernmost city in Sweden called Kiruna. Standing 16 feet (5m) tall, the eye-catching egg is comprised of a pine wood interior and highly reflective gold plated steel panels that reflect the environment surrounding the sauna. In the center rests a heart-shaped sauna stove cast from iron. From Bigert & Bergstrom:

In the arctic climate of Lapland the sauna occupies a key position, as a room for warmth and reflection. B&B have taken up this tradition and developed a sculptural symbol that prompts thoughts of rebirth and an incubator that nurtures conversation and exchanges of ideas. The project is a continuation of the artist’s strategy to incorporate the climate into the experience of the artwork which was initiated with the Climate Chambers in 1994.

When not in use, Solar Egg can be broken down into 69 separate components which can be reassembled elsewhere, rendering the entire sauna completely mobile. You can learn more about Solar Egg here. (via Contemporist)

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May 07 2017

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April 14 2017

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April 11 2017

April 01 2017

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March 29 2017

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March 27 2017

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March 26 2017

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Too much satisfaction in one gif

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Master bedroom uses bookcases to frame the windows in this loft in Odessa, Ukraine. [800 × 509]

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March 10 2017

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March 07 2017

February 27 2017

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February 19 2017

July 10 2015

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July 08 2015

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